Nonfiction Author Marketing

52 weeks in 2020, 52 tactics for the nonfiction author. Do you have a tip that would be helpful for a nonfiction author--or an entrepreneur?

Who is the audience?

It's probably you. I want to share something I already know but you might not--and I want to hear what you find easy that others might not even know about. 

Nonfiction Author Marketing FAQ


I set this up because I wanted a central hub for all things for nonfiction authors FROM nonfiction authors. 


For now, it's a podcast. But who knows what it might morph into. Maybe we'll make a course out of it, create collaborations, maybe an in-person workshop in 2021. We won't know if we don't start. 


52 weeks in 2020. Then we stop. Each episode ideally under 20 minutes with the focus on one, actionable tip that listeners can implement. 

Bradley Charbonneau

I'm both the host of this party as well as the target audience. Sure, I've published a bunch of nonfiction books, I have workshops, talks, and am planning in-person retreats, but I wanted to set up this podcast to learn more from you.

What's your one thing?

There are 52 spots. Wanna be one of them?